Action at Home

Action at Home

All volunteers on our VSO ICS youth volunteering programme complete an ‘Action at Home’ project following their placement in a community in a developing country.

These projects are inspiring huge numbers of people to care about poverty and inequality, as well as helping volunteers’ personal and career development.

Youth Summit at DFID | VSO

Hundreds of returned ICS volunteers attended the Youth Summit, an event to get young people thinking on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - a great action at home.

What counts as Action at Home?

Any action that either:

  • Raises the profile of a development issue
    Example: Lend your skills to a pro-equality campaign
  • Inspires others to do something, get actively involved in their community and make a change
    Example: Give a talk about ICS to a local college
  • Creates links between people in the UK and people in developing countries
    Example: Start an online campaign on a global issue with your counterpart

Inspiring project ideas

Sarah held information evenings with groups that helped her fundraise, and ended up setting up her own charity. Tori made a simple but effective video on gender equality.

Takyiwa joined an existing campaign group and ended up being invited to sepak at the House of Commons. See her top tips for completing your Action at Home.#

Why not make a campaign video, animation or song for one of your actions? See some previous examples in our playlist below.

There’s lots more Action at Home inspiration to be had at your returned volunteer weekend if you’ve returned from a VSO ICS placement.

What happens at an ICS returned volunteer weekend?

Need help with Action at Home?

Returned VSO ICS volunteer? Find all the resources and support you need to complete your Action at Home on the Learning Hub. If you’ve forgotten you password you can reset it here.

Need to log your Action at Home? Easily add your actions as you go in our Action at Home Google form.

If you need to find out your personal Action at Home target or would like some support with your plans, please email

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