VSO is working to improve health in some of the world's poorest countries. We have 19 programmes focusing on health and HIV and AIDS across Africa and Asia.

Ans Ohms, VSO volunteer midwife in Cambodia

“I’ve saved more lives in my two years in Uganda than in 30 years in the NHS.” - Chris Jary, volunteer doctor, Uganda

Our roles for health professionals are hugely varied. You could be:

  • sharing ideas and skills with local colleagues,
  • building their capacity to better manage services, or
  • strengthening the delivery of urgently needed care.

Whatever your role, you will develop your medical expertise whilst doing something truly fulfilling.

Share your healthcare skills: create a world without poverty

You wouldn’t work in healthcare if you weren’t serious about making a real difference to people’s lives.  Have you considered sharing your skills and experiences in some of the world’s poorest communities?

VSO gives you the chance to put your skills to the best possible use. You’ll work where your skills are in huge demand, helping to improve care for some of the world’s poorest people.

You won’t change the world overnight. But, by working alongside your counterparts in a developing country, you’ll help create the kind of deep-seated changes that can make an entire nation healthier for generations to come.

Will you use your healthcare experience to create a world without poverty?

Health volunteer jobs

“The experience was an enriching, enjoyable and humbling one. I felt much more confident of my abilities and effectiveness after having spent a year in Kenya, becoming a better surgeon, a better manager and teacher.” - Caoilin Maclaverty, consultant obstetrician