Engineering, technical and vocational

Engineering, technical and vocational

Our engineering, technical and vocational volunteers tend to work in either our secure livelihoods programmes to help people make a decent living or our health programmes to support healthcare services.

Solar engineer in Tanzania

Volunteers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and work to share their technical skills, both in the workplace and in education institutes and colleges.

James Croston, a VSO EU AID volunteer in India, drew on his professional experience as an engineer in the UK:

"The experiences I have had have been a great learning. Doing many things for the first time in my life, going beyond my own area of expertise to understand other areas of development, to do need assessments for communities and rural areas, have helped me gain a deeper understanding of development."

Perhaps you're an electrical engineer who'll be training technicians to maintain life-saving hospital equipment. Or maybe you're a vocational trainer running workshops for master craftspeople, supporting marginalised communities with practical technical skills. Either way, you'll be making a real difference in people's lives.

Engineering, technical and vocational roles include:

  • Electronic / electrical engineers
  • Vocational trainers
  • Town and country / urban planners