Agriculture and natural resources

Agriculture and natural resources

VSO's secure livelihoods programmes help poor people learn the skills to make a decent living. Volunteers with a background in agriculture and natural resources play a vital part in those programmes.

Farmer in Malawi

We're looking for people who can offer support in a number of areas. In addition to your technical skills, it's really helpful if you can assist with things like enterprise and small business development, marketing, advocacy and lobbying or financial planning.

Agriculture and natural resource roles include:

  • Agricultural specialists
  • Agribusiness specialists
  • Animal husbandry advisers
  • Natural resource managers

"I help manage projects that study the likely impacts of building dams on the Mekong River, and the effects of climate change. As a VSO volunteer, I often feel ‘out of my depth’ – but I think it’s important to have the confidence not to feel threatened by something you don’t understand – just analyse the situation calmly, talk to colleagues, think, and keep smiling! My advice to anyone consider volunteering: do it." - Richard Winterton, VSO volunteer in Cambodia