Logistical support

Logistical support

VSO will support you through your pre-departure training and preparation for your placement. We will arrange your flights, visas, accommodation and insurance.

Rowan Southwell in Papua New Guinea

The process of being assessed, trained and preparing to leave on an international VSO placement can take three to five months depending on your personal and professional commitments. The length of time it takes to secure your visa and work permit will also have an impact on your expected arrival date. You will be expected to undertake a criminal background check and a medical check for health insurance purposes.You will have a dedicated advisor to support you throughout the whole process.

VSO's medical assessment and clearance process

You’ll need medical clearance from a VSO medical adviser after successfully applying for a VSO placement.

VSO's international medical advisers need detailed personal health information and you’ll have a full medical examination. This examination will usually be carried out by your family doctor, a travel health specialist or a doctor identified by VSO. 

The Medical Advisers will review your medical information and decide whether your placement is medically suitable. This decision might contradict the recommendation of your family doctor or specialist who is usually responsible for your health, but it is based on VSO’s experience of medical provision in the countries where we work.

For more information please contact VSO's medical team on their confidential email medical@vsoint.org

Training and preparation

You will have access to VSO’s Learning Hub where you will be able to research your placement country and find information on the VSO programme that you will be part of. You will be asked to complete VSO’s online pre-departure courses and face-to-face training.

"The training made me feel much more confident - I learnt a lot. It was particularly good for understanding how to tackle difficult situations that can occur in different cultures. The array of activities was superb: there was a huge amount of thought put into them and they were perfect for different learning styles." - VSO volunteer, August 2015

Travel logistics

We’ll help arrange flights and visas, your overseas accommodation and your insurance. We also cover the cost of your medical cover and any required immunisations and anti-malarials.

Becoming a VSO volunteer can be a huge change. But we’re here to help you every step of the way.