Professional volunteering

Professional volunteering

VSO offers you something few other volunteering organisations can – an opportunity to make a large-scale difference to people’s lives. The changes you make will endure long after you return home.

Mike Ashby, teaching methodology advisor in Rwanda

Use your skills and knowledge to help create a world without poverty

When you volunteer overseas, you’ll be able to use your talents to inspire more people than you’d ever imagined. Your volunteer job is planned as part of a sustainable country-wide strategy, so you can be confident that the work you are doing will have a wide and lasting impact. Your placement will be designed to complement other projects, to create lasting change across the country.

“Volunteering has proved to me that I have skills I didn’t think I had. I’m more open minded and I feel more confident in myself. It’s shown to me that I have the ability to do things at a higher level and I feel this experience has impacted me professionally too. It’s opened my eyes to different avenues that I might pursue in the future, for example, adult education.” - Mike Ashby, VSO volunteer