Labelled a 'prostitute' for going to school

Educating girls is one of the most powerful ways to reduce poverty, grow household incomes and improve gender equality.

Our latest research in Northern Uganda has uncovered shockingly negative attitudes to girls’ education held by families and even teachers. It highlights the extent of the challenge we face in getting today’s girls through school.

Raising educational standards in Rwanda: John and Sandra

After decades of teaching in the UK, married couple Sandra and John Ford looked to Africa for their next challenge. They enjoyed their experience with VSO in Tanzania so much that they’ve re-volunteered in Rwanda to help the government develop a new inclusive curriculum and raise standards in schools nationwide.

Success? Have I made a difference?

Has the work that I have done here in Nepal been successful? Have I made a difference?

After many years of teaching in Devon, UK, VSO volunteer Ann Marcer recently completed her placement in Lamjung, Nepal where she has been working on a project to encourage more girls to attend and stay at school. Here Ann takes a look back at what has been achieved with the schools and teachers involved in the project.

Teachers team with tablet tech to accelerate learning in Malawi

It’s no secret that being a teacher is tough, and nowhere is this truer than in developing countries. There are 26 pupils in the average UK class - while in Malawi teachers regularly have to contend with 110+ children per class. An education project using tablet computers, launched by VSO last week, aims to reduce the strain and has already seen children complete a year’s worth of learning in just eight weeks during a pilot last year.