VSO contributes to global civil society response to Post-2015 process

VSO contributes to global civil society response to Post-2015 process

Last week the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals produced its “Zero Draft” of goals and targets for the post-2015 framework, giving us a first glimpse at what the successor agreement to follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) may look like.

VSO is closely engaged in the post-2015 process - an international process to formulate global goals for sustainable development to take over from the current Millennium Development Goals which will expire in 2015. The MDGs have been hugely important in focusing and moving forward the world’s development efforts, however they have also had major shortcomings, and the international process underway to develop a post-2015 framework provides a unique window of opportunity to address deeply-rooted and persistent inequalities in our society and to remove barriers to eradicating poverty. Therefore, the post-2015 process is a key priority for VSO. Most recently VSO has contributed to global civil society’s response to the post-2015 process.

In New York the negotiations for a future sustainable development framework are gathering pace, and on the 2nd June 2014 the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals delivered its “Zero Draft” suggestion for what goals and targets a future framework should include. Negotiations are becoming increasingly concrete and moving ever closer to an intergovernmental process, and therefore it is crucial that civil society formulate and deliver its input and messages now.

VSO worked closely with other civil society organisation within the Beyond2015 campaign to develop a consolidated civil society responseto the “Zero Draft”. Beyond2015 represents over a 1000 civil society organisations worldwide and its aim is to ensure a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals.

Within Beyond2015 as well as through bilateral action VSO fights for a future post-2015 framework that increases women’s power over the decisions and processes that affect them, and that recognises and supports the unique contribution that volunteers and volunteer groups make to sustainable development. As well as advocating for key asks on gender and volunteering, we work through coalitions to ensure that the framework addresses the issues of quality education and inclusive healthcare.