Second large earthquake in Nepal affects more communities

Second large earthquake in Nepal affects more communities

12th May, 2015:   Today the people of Nepal endured a second large earthquake just two and a half weeks after a massive earthquake devastated much of the country and affected millions of people.

“We can confirm that our staff and volunteers in Nepal today are all safe and that we will continue to support national efforts to rebuild and recover from the devastation. Our thoughts are with the people of Nepal at this time.” said Shaun Vincent, VSO’s Central and South Asia Regional Director.

British engineer Jessica Stanford is one of 27 skilled international volunteers who stayed on in Nepal after the earthquake to help.  She is now supporting the relief effort in the Kathmandu District Development Committee (DDC) Office of the Government of Nepal.   Her work is helping to provide homes for people within the Kathmandu District.  Speaking this morning shortly after the second large earthquake shook the nation she said;

“I was on the fourth floor of the DDC building when today’s earthquake hit.  The whole sensation of rocking was extremely strong. People in the building were screaming and highly distressed but we simply hunkered down and waited for the major shaking to stop before exiting. Being so many floors up was not pleasant at all given we now truly understand the danger that poorly constructed buildings can pose during earthquakes. Everyone, judging by the traffic absolutely everyone, then immediately finished working and headed home to check on their families and property. “

Fundraising and Volunteer Recruitment

VSO launched a fundraising appeal to help communities and partner organisations to provide vital health services, psycho-social support and to help rebuild temporary schools for children.  VSO is also urgently recruiting skilled volunteer health workers and disaster management posts in Nepal.

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