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Ans is a midwife volunteering in Cambodia
29 April 2016 - 4:01pm
| By Nick Adie
| VSO Staff
| United Kingdom

Ans Ohms is a Dutch midwife and volunteer in Cambodia. She is supporting the development of midwife training across six hospitals. Thanks to these improvements, over 10,000 pregnant women have already benefited. Furthermore, she is assisting in the development of course material that will support the training of 120 midwives every year. The impact of her efforts is already felt and thanks to Ans, mothers here have a better chance of a safe delivery and a healthier future.

28 April 2016 - 9:10am
| Volunteer
| Tanzania

Dr Samdemar C. Arias is a volunteer paediatrician in Nyangao, Tanzania. He is helping develop the skills of local clinicians and improving patient care. Here he talks about the urgent need for more qualified physicians to share their skills in Tanzania.

Businessman Apolo speaks to a group of farmers in Kenya | VSO
27 April 2016 - 9:52pm
| Director of private sector engagement
| Kenya

Over the past four weeks, junior bankers from Citi have been working with eight aspirational entrepreneurs from Nakuru, Kenya. They’ve been mentored and supported to grow their businesses as part of VSO’s Knowledge Exchange programme, delivered through our partners Balloon Ventures.

This week, they're appearing before a panel of experts, including senior Citi employees, to pitch for funding to take their businesses to the next level.

VSO volunteers walk through a camp for homeless earthquake survivors in Nepal
25 April 2016 - 8:30am
| Staff member
| Nepal

One year ago today, the first of two massive earthquakes tore through Nepal. Their wake of devastation claimed nearly 9,000 lives and left hundred of thousands of people homeless.

The generous response to our emergency appeal, to the tune of £700,000, made a huge difference to people in dire need. But a year on, Nepal is still in a bad way.

VSO volunteer Sandy Hung with Iringa businesswoman Augusta Mayemba Mtema
18 April 2016 - 2:49pm
| Staff member
| Tanzania

Sandy Hung, 28, left behind a high-powered role in Canada managing millions for the super-wealthy to volunteer with disadvantaged businesswomen in Iringa, on the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) project. It's improving chances for entrepreneurs in four districts on Tanzania by strengthening institutions and coaching small business owners.

Sarah Meath ICS volunteer in Zambia
6 April 2016 - 12:35pm
| VSO Staff
| UK

Any conversation with young people about safe sex, anywhere in the world, is likely to feature a group of sniggering boys asking you what the best positions are. That’s according to Sarah Meath, an ICS volunteer team leader and former Liverpool youth charity worker.

Volunteers and staff smile leaving a hospital | VSO
5 April 2016 - 3:02pm
| Staff member
| United Kingdom

World Health Day has been marked each April 7 for nearly 70 years to raise awareness of the world's most serious health threats.

So much has changed in that time. Phenomenal developments in medicine have brought cures for infectious disease, and international efforts to improve life in poorer countries have brought improvements in nutrition, sanitation, housing and standards of healthcare

Whilst there’s still lots of work to do in global health, let’s take a moment to remember a few of the major achievements we can be proud of.

4 April 2016 - 2:57pm
| Staff member
| United Kingdom

Health is precious. Being unwell can keep us keep us from learning, making a living, and caring for our families. Without good quality healthcare, sickness, pregnancy and infection can mean chronic poverty, suffering and stigma.

Together, we're making a real difference by improving health services where action is needed most.

Volunteer Mary with supporter postcards in Ghana
23 March 2016 - 11:59am

Last Christmas, alongside a letter from volunteer Miriam in Ethiopia, we asked you to send messages of support to volunteers around the world. Your postcards put a smile on volunteers’ faces, and they really loved hearing from you.  Here is a collection of some that were handed out.

As always, a huge thank you for your ongoing support. Your donations and kind words make the world of difference.