Teachers team with tablet tech to accelerate learning in Malawi

It’s no secret that being a teacher is tough, and nowhere is this truer than in developing countries. There are 26 pupils in the average UK class - while in Malawi teachers regularly have to contend with 110+ children per class. An education project using tablet computers, launched by VSO last week, aims to reduce the strain and has already seen children complete a year’s worth of learning in just eight weeks during a pilot last year.

WhatsApp? Instant messaging lessons lead to 30% reading improvement in Indian schools

It’s not that uncommon to hear people linking modern tech, such as SMS and instant messaging, with a decline in language and grammar standards. Yet in some of the world’s most remote and disadvantaged communities, it’s having the opposite effect. Purna Shrestha looks at how text messaging has been used in India to boost reading skills in primary schools at a low cost.