Finding Ghana’s hidden children

Education is a direct route out of poverty. But for children with disabilities, access to a classroom is often denied. In Africa, it is estimated that less than one in ten children with disabilities attends primary school. 

Mary Loureth Carnable is a disability specialist volunteering with VSO in Ghana as part of VSO’s ‘Tackling Education Needs Inclusively’ (TENI) project. The project aims at ensuring vulnerable children such as girls and children with disabilities have access to an education. Last year the TENI project reached over 17,000 children in Northern Ghana, including 1,200 children with disabilities. 

Four lesser-known facts about fair trade

Tea, cocoa and sugar are enjoyed every day by millions of people around the world – often with little thought given to their origins and the people working to produce them. Those with a vague understanding of fair trade see the common sense behind giving farmers a fair price for their produce – but what about the hidden impacts that are less obvious?

Working with business to support cocoa farmers

VSO values joint programmes with corporate partners that deliver development impact whilst contributing towards business objectives. Here, VSO UK Corporate Partnerships Manager, Hannah Ward explains our work with Mondelēz International and the impact we are seeing in over 100 cocoa farming communities in the Eastern region of Ghana.