What next for Sierra Leone?

On Saturday 7 November the World Health Organisation declared - after 42 days with no new reported cases – Sierra Leone’s Ebola outbreak is over.

Relief that the 17-month ordeal had finished was reflected in candlelit prayers and unprompted revelries. However, Ebola’s impact on the country far from ends with this milestone. 

How you helped Sierra Leone’s people face the fear of Ebola

Sierra Leone is one of the most frightening places in which to be a pregnant woman – with one of the world’s highest proportion of mothers dying in childbirth and 44 in every 1000 newborns failing to make it to 28 days old.  Over a year has passed since the first confirmed case of Ebola in Sierra Leone. Since then the disease has taken close to 4000 lives in the country - and the death toll continues to rise.