Safe deliveries and healthier futures for women in Cambodia

Ans Ohms is a Dutch midwife and volunteer in Cambodia. She is supporting the development of midwife training across six hospitals. Thanks to these improvements, over 10,000 pregnant women have already benefited. Furthermore, she is assisting in the development of course material that will support the training of 120 midwives every year. The impact of her efforts is already felt and thanks to Ans, mothers here have a better chance of a safe delivery and a healthier future.

Why ICS?

After spending 14 months working for VSO Supporter Care team, VSO ICS volunteer Lydia decided it was time to experience volunteering firsthand.

RV Weekends – look back, take stock, plan the future

VSO volunteer, Sam Roberts, reflects on the Returned Volunteer Weekend and its value in helping him make sense of his two years in Cambodia and how to use this in shaping his future. He also found it useful to do this alongside others going through a similarly challenging experience of returning home after their time away.