17 ways volunteering overseas will change you

17 ways volunteering overseas will change you

Volunteering overseas is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It will change the way you see the world.  Here are just a few ways it can leave its mark…


You may find you have skills you never knew you had

finding new skills


...Lots of skills you didn't know you had

Skills you didn't know you had


You will eat some of the most incredible food, but never be able to re-create it

eating amazing food


You will also probably eat some less-than-incredible food, and never want to recreate it

 Some food is memorable for the wrong reasons


You will realise there is a whole new level of exhaustion. Both physically...

Volunteering is exhausting


…and mentally

experience volunteering


You care less about the labels on your clothes, but care more about who made them and under what conditions

Care about where and who made your clothees


In fact, you will probably care less about your personal appearance entirely and care less about what people think of it

muddy feet


What you do, opposed to what you earn, may become more important

keeping motivated


You may become a very adept motorcyclist, and even develop a life-long interest

volunteer on motorcycle


...and you may reconsider just what a motorbike can be used for

overloaded motorbike


You will start up conversations on public transport

conversations on public transport


Going to bed and getting up with the sun seems very logical

getting up with the sun


...especially when you wake up to views like this:

views in Nepal


You will make life-long friends, who live on the other side of the world, but you may still be able to meet up now and then

Making life long friends


Your home may not feel like ‘home’ any longer

feeling at home


...and you will spend a lot of your time convincing others to volunteer

convincing others to volunteer

Are you interested in finding out for yourself what it is like to volunteer? Find out more 

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