Parliamentary volunteering

Parliamentary volunteering

VSO brings people together around the world to fight poverty. And across the UK, we’re working closely with Parliamentarians from all parties to support development efforts and implement policies that tackle the causes of poverty.

Each year we send a number of UK Parliamentarians on short-term placements with our partners in Africa and Asia. Parliamentarians use their unique background and expertise to help our international partners strengthen their advocacy and campaigns, influence national policies and support the capacity of elected representatives.

On their return, by applying their experience to their parliamentary work, parliamentarians can increase wider understanding of international development issues and support improvements in the lives of the world’s poor.

Placements last for approximately two weeks and take place during recess. These placements provide an opportunity to work with local people on issues of importance to them.  Each placement is carefully designed to contribute to a wider development strategy for the participating country.

Parliamentary volunteers

Training female Parliamentarians in Kenya
Lord McConnell debates post-2015 MDG framework

Interested in the Parliamentary Volunteering Scheme? Please contact us on or call 020 8780 7500 to discuss upcoming opportunities.