How to use JustGiving to maximise your fundraising

How to use JustGiving to maximise your fundraising

It’s quick to set up, simple to use and a great way to get family and friends engaged with your fundraising challenge and following your progress towards your goal.

Our research shows that people who use a JustGiving page raise an average of £300 more than those who don’t! Follow the tips below to start using JustGiving and meet your fundraising goal in the shortest time possible!

How to set up a JustGiving page

Setting up your JustGiving is straightforward and for volunteers we've setup an event to make it extra easy.

1. Click here to go to the JustGiving home page

2. Click on on the big orange button, 'Get Started'

3. Either sign in to your existing JustGiving account, or click Sign Up at the bottom

4. Submit your email and password and click Sign Up

4. Click Start Fundraising, you'll then be asked for a few more details (don't worry JustGiving won't be posting you anything)

5. Search for 'VSO' and select us

6. When you're asked what you'll be doing, select the 'Organised Event' option. If you are fundraising for your placement, select VSO International Volunteering. Otherwise select the event you are doing.

7. You can now choose a web address for your page. It's a good idea for it to be your name, if this is taken just add on VSO2016. E.g.

8. You are asked two Yes/No questions when you create the page, the answer to both is No.

9. Click create. In the next section you can learn how to personalise your page for maximum impact - and maximum generosity.

You can now share the link to your JustGiving page to sponsors where they can directly pay in funds. To optimise the funds you can raise, you should consider adding a photo, description and other information to help you personalise your page. 

Boost your fundraising by personalising your JustGiving page

Success in fundraising lies in getting your supporters to feel emotionally attached to what you're raising money for. Adding a personal story and some photos will make a huge difference to the amount you'll be able to raise.

When you have new page you can click the white Personalise button at the top of the page, alternatively you can get to the personalising features anytime by clicking "edit your page" (visible when logged in). 

  1. Firstly, set your fundraising target. You may have been given a minimum, but aim high! It's also advisable to increase your target as you approach/surpass it so that people still feel inclined to help you reach it.
  2. In the Your Story section tell people what you are doing and what motivates you to do it. For volunteers this will mean where you are going, how long you are going for and how you will be applying your skills to help people. You may also want to write about what motivated you to join VSO. Don't shy away from being emotional and don't be humble, you are doing something truly admirable and worthy of support. All this helps people to realise the sacrifice you are making and the personal impact on both you and the communities you're placed in. However, it's important that people realise that you are not asking them to pay for your trip. We strongly suggest pasting this paragraph into your story section: 
    My volunteer placement is just one of many incredible VSO projects transforming lives and communities across the globe. By donating to my page you are not paying for my trip, you are supporting all of VSO's vital work, enabling them to continue to change the world through the power of people.
  3. Upload a profile picture, this will make it easy for friends and family to find you via the JG search feature. If you don't have a photo of you that you feel is appropriate then you can save the VSO logo at the bottom of this page and use that.
  4. A live page is a successful page, so post updates on your fundraising and even during your placement. This can be done by clicking Edit your page. Photos and videos are great for getting attention.

Submitting donations collected offline via JustGiving

Not all your donations will be received via JustGiving. You might do a tin rattle, bake off or car boot sale that will leave you with cash donations.

These can easily be entered via JustGiving too in either of the ways below:

  1. You can put the cash donations into your own bank account and make a donation to yourself on your own JustGiving page. It’s nice to add a message on your page acknowledging the source of the funds i.e. “thank you to the staff at X for helping me raise £X through the cake sale last week!”  
  2. If you have received cheques from friends or family, you can send a cheque to us (making a note that this is to go towards your fundraising) and add the amounts as below:

Find out how to pay in funds to VSO without using JustGiving

Text Giving: how to set up text donations to your JustGiving page

JustGiving gives you the option to enable Text Giving. This provides you with a unique code linked to your page that your supporters can send in an SMS message with their chosen donation amount to JustGiving. The donation is taken from their next phone bill, whilst there is no charge for the text message itself being sent.

The donations will show on your JustGiving page and will be added to your total

This is a really good way to encourage quick and easy donations for your supporters without them having to log onto your page– and you can promote the code very easily when you are fundraising!

To set up Text Giving follow the steps on the JustGiving website

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