Where does your money go?

Where does your money go?

It means so much to us that every year amazing supporters like you give so generously to enable our work to end poverty to continue. In return, we want to be clear about how we spend your kind gifts and the incredible things they help us achieve together.

So, if you give us £1 today, how can you expect us to spend it?

88p on charitable work in developing countries

The vast majority of our spending should – and does - go directly toward our work on the ground getting disadvantaged people out of poverty and into a state where they can stand on their own two feet. It’s the reason we get out of bed every morning and why more than 40,000 people have given up their time to volunteer since we started out more than 60 years ago.

That means 88p in every pound is spent on things like:

Recruitment and training of volunteers – like Mike who’s training teachers in Rwanda to fight the critical national shortage of educators there
Mike Ashby, VSO education volunteer in Rwanda

Equipment – like the braille tablets volunteers distributed in Sierra Leone last year to stop blind people missing out on crucial information during the Ebola crisis
People waiting at a clinic during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Medicines – like the antibiotics used in the intensive care units our volunteers and partners set up in Ethiopia, where the number of babies dying has reduced by 40%

Neonatal natal care in Ethiopia

11p on work to help us raise the next £1

Our volunteers, partners and the communities they work with need to have a fair idea of where the next pound is coming from that will allow us to keep on doing good.

About 11% of our spending goes towards making sure people around the world hear about the amazing things our volunteers are achieving, so that they can decide whether to support us.

1p on good governance

Let's face it: governance isn't the most exciting thing to have to spend money on. However, this very tiny portion of our overall outgoings is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of our work tackling poverty on the ground.

Value for money

We regularly do assessments to make sure the money we invest in projects in developing countries is being spent effectively and is providing value for money.

We are committed to making responsible savings wherever we can - for example by moving our headquarters to a much smaller premises in 2013 in order to save £400,000 per year. In the coming years we will work to make sure even more of the money we gratefully receive can go directly to work reducing poverty.

Find our more about our spending and what we achieve with it in our annual report.

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