Working in partnership

Working in partnership

At VSO, we work closely with local partner organisations to deliver long-term change in communities.

We work with corporate partners that wish to contribute to our development goals in a way that is beneficial to both parties.

Our partnerships with key donors are also vital to our work.

One of VSO's key organisational values is "progress is only possible by working together". The very essence of our work built on the concept of partnership:

  • between our volunteers and the communities they work with;
  • across our global network of local partners who deliver programmes;
  • and between VSO and its valued global corporate partners.

Local programme partnerships

VSO volunteers currently work with more than 500 local organisations who have specifically asked for our help, in around 30 developing countries.

Corporate partnerships

At VSO, we believe the corporate sector has a crucial role to play in developing poor and marginalised communities. We form mutually beneficial partnerships with some of the world's leading businesses that share VSO's values.

How do we ensure partnerships are valuable and productive?

Our partnerships are long-term mutual commitments made with other organisations to achieve common objectives focused on challenging poverty, inequality and exclusion. They are based on a common set of values, equity within the relationship, a shared vision of success and a mutual commitment to working and learning together.

VSO also conducts an Annual Partnership Review (APR) with each partner to assess progress against the partnership objectives and to feed back any learning into ongoing programme development.