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VSO India is committed to addressing issues of poverty and social exclusion. We work for empowerment of marginalised communities on issues of health, education, secure livelihood, and disabilities.

1 240 000 000
Capital city
New Delhi
GDP per capita
US$3 354
HDI ranking
134 out of 187
Life expectancy
65 years

We work through partners, volunteers and communities.

Our work has two definite streams. On the one hand, we engage in building sustainable programmes and strengthen the quality of these programmes through professionally skilled volunteers who work with both partners and community. On the other hand, we strengthen civil society organisations to build robust systems and processes by providing volunteers with the essential knowledge and skills. By transferring skills and expertise to communities and letting them take the initiative forward, we try to embed sustainable capacity in terms of livelihoods and access to essential services.

Inclusion and equality for all 

We believe that we need to contribute to the growth of a national constituency that promotes inclusive citizenship, and respect for rights, responsibilities, attitudes and beliefs of all. We do this by engaging with volunteers and various stakeholders to put in place an active citizenship agenda and mobilise public opinion to improve the lives of the most vulnerable sections of society.


India’s progress in the area of health is slow and the allocation for the health sector from the GDP is little higher than 1%. Our approach lies in building the capacity of poor and marginalised people through knowledge sharing and raising awareness. Through its network partners, VSO India is actively engaged in the formulation of the Right to Health act and health sector reforms.


We build the capacity of school management committees and village education committees through support of community, youth and professional volunteers for community involvement in education. We work on outcomes through focusing on quality of teaching and capacity of teachers. We adopt innovative teaching and learning techniques.

Secure livelihoods

Climate change poses serious challenges to people’s traditional livelihoods, often pushing families into poverty. VSO India believes that communities need to be empowered through revival of local people’s traditional knowledge and sustainable scientific patterns and practices in agriculture. With the overall aim of achieving household food security and increasing household income, VSO India works specifically with youth and farmer groups including women.


With the aim of achieving equality and inclusion for all, VSO India believes that disabled people are core to achieving development targets around health, education and livelihoods, and also a group that plays a significant role in realising rights. The emphasis is on enhancing women’s participation in governance and decision making structures, and addressing discrimination. VSO India undertakes initiatives at ground and policy level to ensure barrier free access and increase employability for the disabled.

Gender and governance are cross-cutting themes of our work.

We work to promote greater participation of women in decision-making processes and structures. We also work to foster a culture of equality and access to resources.

VSO India uses social accountability tools like the Right to Information Act, the citizen’s report card, and public hearing and social audits to facilitate a dialogue between underserved people and government to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.

Active citizenship underpins all of our work. By engaging and working with volunteers, we build the capacity of organisations that we partner with. We encourage communities to take ownership of their own development.

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