Programme partnerships

Programme partnerships

VSO simply couldn’t help improve the lives of so many people without having great partners.

We work with partners all across the world, from grassroots organisations right up to national governments. Working with all sections of society helps us to create a lasting impact in what we do.

In some locations, we work alongside local organisations to place international volunteers. And in others, we work with partners to increase the impact local people can have as national volunteers in their own communities. We believe that people working together with a shared sense of community and commitment can have an active part in finding the best ways to fight poverty.

Who are our partners?

Some of our current partners include:

  • government ministries, departments and institutions at local, district, provincial/state and national levels
  • national volunteering organisations, community-based organisations, membership organisations such as disabled people’s organisations and peer support groups
  • networks, alliances, coalitions, trade unions and other civil society consortiums
  • private sector organisations such as cooperatives and small and medium business enterprises

In our experience, we can understand local cultures and challenges more by working directly with poor and marginalised communities. Together we can bring about effective, long-term change.

Want to know more? Read our position paper on VSO and partnerships (PDF).