How we create change

How we create change

How can we achieve our vision of a world without poverty and inequality?

For us, it starts and ends with bringing people together.

Change starts with individuals - people who realise that things could be better. Perhaps you are one of them.

Our aim is to bring these people together into a force for enabling change.

What sort of change can people create? We help people – VSO volunteers – to form relationships with nurses to boost skills, with community groups to find reliable sources of income, with governments to make systems fairer. These relationships lie at the heart of the positive changes we see every day.

We see organisations able to function more efficiently and effectively. Whole communities benefit from new information or sources of income.

And because we give people the ability to create changes for themselves, the outcomes of working through people are long-term and sustainable.

We treasure people as our greatest resource in improving the lot of the world’s most vulnerable communities. We strengthen the ‘human capital’ – the teachers, doctors, farmers and entrepreneurs in developing countries who are working for a brighter, richer future.

Together, we are creating a global network of change makers.

Want to learn more about how VSO creates change? Download our Theory of Change [PDF].

Our organisational strategy

We have a responsibility to work to make sure our organisation is fit for our purpose and meeting the vision of a world without poverty. It needs to be the right shape and size, working in the right places with the right approach.

People First (PDF) is the name of our organisational strategy to achieve these goals.