European Union

European Union

Since 2000, VSO has received support from the European Union (EU) for grants in countries including Tanzania,  Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia and Cambodia.  

VSO's programme priorities coincide with at least four of the EU thematic programmes – Health, Governance, Education and Livelihoods – and EU delegation offices are active in each of the 22 countries in which we operate.

Through our EU-funded Teaching to Learn project in Nepal we have been improving the quality of learning for over 2,000 children in grades 1 to 3 – specifically reading and numeracy. In order to achieve this we have been working to improve the quality of teaching of almost 500 teachers and teacher trainees, with our eventual goal of reaching around 65,000 students.

We are also partnering with Stichting VSO, Netherlands and Pro Vobis, Romania on the EU Aid Volunteers Building in Resilience project, recruiting and training volunteer technical experts to work in the Philippines, India and Pakistan. Our volunteers work with host organizations delivering capacity building activities in the areas of national disaster risk reduction, disaster management and adaptation to climate change, training almost 1,000 host organization staff and community members in their base country.